Happiness Is A Fully Meal-Prepped Fridge!

You Don’t Have to Eat LESS, You Just Have to Eat Well

Meet The Chef

Alpha Prep Mealz is a locally small business meal prep company founded by Moises Henriquez based in Lawndale, California. Alpha Prep Mealz offers a healthy, flavorful and most importantly, affordable services for everyone to enjoy, including delivery services! With over 10 years in the food industry service, at Alpha Prep Mealz we care only to provide the best quality, locally and fresh ingredients to our clients. We know how tough and time consuming cooking can be, so please, let us do the work for you! It’s our specialty and expertise. We only want to make life easier for you. We make sure to take our time to cook and plan each meal in a way to help you stick to eating a healthy diet filled with nourishing delicious meals. Each meal is always 100% made from scratch and with so many different options to choose from our menu that’s changed every week so that way your week is always spiced up a bit! Our goal is to simply make our clients happy. Enjoy!